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  • Six Soothing Toys and Activities for Kids with Anxiety

    Alleviate Childhood Anxiety with Calming Toys and Activities All children suffer from anxiety once in a while, but a child who has a severe anxiety disorder may struggle with fears, nerves, and shyness that are debilitating. Rather than forcing your child into any anxiety-inducing situations, give them the tools that they need to calm and […]

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  • Top Gifts for Autistic Children - Finger Paint Sensations Kit - A Wonderful Tactile Activity

    Choosing a Skill Building Toy for Your Special Needs Child

    How to Select a Toy for a Special Needs Child Regardless of the unique challenges your child faces, the right toy can help them develop and hone essential skills. Fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing skills, language development, spatial awareness, and a host of other skills can be encouraged with the right toys. Playing […]

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  • 12 Awesome Online Toy Stores For Children With Special Needs

    12 Awesome Online Toy Stores For Children With Special Needs

    Getting your hands on toys that encourage play for children with physical, cognitive or developmental disabilities used to be a difficult task.  Walking into toy stores for children with special needs was next to impossible. These days, anyone who knows and loves a child with special needs can simply hop online to research and purchase […]

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  • 50 Activities and Games for Kids with ADHD

    This book has activities for how to make and keep friends, how to deal with teasing, problem solving.  It is easy to read and a great tool for both parents and children affected by ADD and ADHD.  

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  • Our Readers Share Their Thanksgiving Holiday Traditions

    Special Needs Gifts Readers Share Their Thanksgiving Traditions Back in October, we asked our readers to share their Thanksgiving Holiday Traditions and if their story was selected, they received a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card. Winners were selected and notified earlier this month. Here are their stories! “We use to do the traditional big family dinner […]

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  • Tips for Parenting Special Needs Children

    Being a parent is difficult and definitely trying on the nerves, but being a parent of one or more special needs children requires a special parent indeed. Special needs children require more attention, guidance and assistance with everyday tasks. Some of the things that have certainly helped me are structure, patience, and time for me. […]

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  • $100 Amazon Gift Card

    Giveaway: $100 Amazon Gift Card

    SpecialNeedsGifts.com is giving away a $100 Amazon gift card!!!! How exciting is that!? There are so many things you could buy with it if you were to win.

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  • MissionT21.com - Unexpected stories of a Down Syndrome Diagnosis

    MissionT21.com – Unexpected Stories of a Down Syndrome Diagnosis

    Almost a year ago, I became a part of a wonderful, inspiring project, comprised of 80 families (including mine) who were eager to share our real life stories with others that received a Down Syndrome Diagnosis. I’m delighted to share that MissionT21.com – {Unexpected} stories of a Down syndrome diagnosis, launched yesterday, just in time for […]

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  • tips for traveling with special needs kids

    Tips for Traveling with Special Needs Kids

    Traveling with children can be a challenge or simply an adventure. The only difference being attitude and planning. Traveling with special needs kids just requires a little more planning. Don’t be afraid, be adventurous and include your children in some of the planning. Often when children are involved, it is more comforting and less stressful […]

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