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Skill Building Holiday Gift Guide for Children with Special Needs_Page_01 Skill Building Holiday Gift Guide is Here

Special Needs Holiday Gift Guide As the shopping season approaches, our gift guide will help parents, friends or family members working with a new diagnosis, or a seasoned veteran choose a skill-building toy for a special needs child. Top Toys That Help Children with Autism, Down Syndrome, ADD, SPD, Cerebral Palsy and More. All the […]

Top 25 Gifts for Children with Autism Gift Guide

Top 25 Gifts for Children with Autism

Top 25 Toys for Children with Autism – Gift Guide Autism spectrum disorder is a group of brain disorders that cause difficulties with social interaction, communication (both verbal and nonverbal), and repetitive behaviors. Depending on where a child with autism falls on the spectrum, they may have trouble with intellectual processing, motor coordination, and focus. […]

Special Needs Gifts: Board-Games-That-Promote-Social-Skills

Board Games That Promote Social Skills

Social skills are the skills that we use to interact and communicate with others. Throughout our lives, we communicate and perceive social rules and cues through verbal and nonverbal methods, and strong social skills can help us to succeed in academic and professional settings. Many special needs kids struggle with developing social skills, and kids […]

Activities, Exercises and Toys that Can Alleviate the Symptoms of ADHD

Six Activities, Exercises and Toys That Can Alleviate the Symptoms of ADHD

A child with ADHD is almost constantly on the move. Always fidgeting, jumping, or running, these children can find it hard to sit still and pay attention at home or school. Many parents use medication or therapy to help alleviate the symptoms of ADHD, but the right toy or activity can also be extremely beneficial […]