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Toys for all ages based on the child’s abilities.

Top 25 Gifts for Children with Autism Gift Guide

Top 25 Gifts for Children with Autism

Top 25 Toys for Children with Autism – Gift Guide Autism spectrum disorder is a group of brain disorders that cause difficulties with social interaction, communication (both verbal and nonverbal), and repetitive behaviors. Depending on where a child with autism falls on the spectrum, they may have trouble with intellectual processing, motor coordination, and focus. […]

Language Builder Photo Cards – Picture Nouns

Best Uses: The Language Builder Picture Noun Card set is a tremendous tool for teaching key language concepts to preschool age children; children and adults with autism developmental delay or speech/language delay; or to anyone first learning or re-learning basic.

Activities, Exercises and Toys that Can Alleviate the Symptoms of ADHD

Six Activities, Exercises and Toys That Can Alleviate the Symptoms of ADHD

A child with ADHD is almost constantly on the move. Always fidgeting, jumping, or running, these children can find it hard to sit still and pay attention at home or school. Many parents use medication or therapy to help alleviate the symptoms of ADHD, but the right toy or activity can also be extremely beneficial […]

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn: Learning Kitchen

Best Uses: Helps baby learn through everyday experiences! Promotes understanding of objects, numbers, letters, colors and shapes. Teaches in English and Spanish. Fosters thinking skills and encourages problem-solving with numerous action/reaction activities.