Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace is great for developing eye-hand coordination, increasing finger dexterity, understanding spatial relationships, and capturing visual attention.

Fisher Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace
Additional Images: Fisher Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace

Description: The Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace is such a “magical” place! Bring any Fisher-Price Little People Disney princess to the pedestal. You’ll hear her name, different phrases, and even a classic Disney song! Cinderella and Snow White figures are included. (Additional princesses sold separately.) Disney princes are also available—and when you bring them to the palace, you’ll hear a waltz!
Product Features: Recognizes Disney princesses & responds with their names, phrases and classic Disney songs!, Dance floor really spins!, Fanfare plays every time the door opens, Take the elevator to the balcony, 7 different play areas
Buy New: $282.00 USD

Parents Best Toy of the Year

The Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Palace features:

      Disney character styling and sculpture through and includes 7 play areas (Sitting Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Balcony, Attic, Dressing Room and Magical Dance Floor)


      Place any Little People Disney Princess figure on a special location on the Magical Palace Dance Floor and it recognizes that specific Princess & responds with her name, character phrases and a sung song from her movie!


      Dance Floor also has room for two additional figures – slide the fountain lever back and forth to activate dancing action.


      Sitting Room features a place for 2 figures to sit and look at the stars through the window.


      Kitchen features counter-top and sink with sound effects and movable table and chairs.


      Bedroom features movable bed.


      2-figures can ride up elevator to the Balcony area or stop off in the Dressing Room to get ready for the ball.


    Comes with Snow White & Cinderella figures in adorable Little People styling.
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