MissionT21.com – Unexpected Stories of a Down Syndrome Diagnosis

MissionT21.com   Unexpected Stories of a Down Syndrome DiagnosisAlmost a year ago, I became a part of a wonderful, inspiring project, comprised of 80 families (including mine) who were eager to share our real life stories with others that received a Down Syndrome Diagnosis.

I’m delighted to share that MissionT21.com{Unexpected} stories of a Down syndrome diagnosis, launched yesterday, just in time for World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st.

The site is divided into 5 sections:

My story, “A Missed Diagnosis” can be found on page 15 of “An Added Twist.

If you know of somebody facing a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis or somebody who learned at birth that their baby was born with an extra chromosome, I would encourage you to pass this beautiful, hope-filled book along to them.

MissionT21.com   Unexpected Stories of a Down Syndrome DiagnosisA special thanks goes out to Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network which supports moms and families who have received a new Down syndrome diagnosis. Through their support, MissionT21.com is able to offer these stories for readers to view and download free of charge. Please consider making a $5.00 donation to help them further their mission.

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