Sensory Brushes (6 Pack)

Best Uses: A perfect solution for those seeking deep pressure using therapeutic brushing. These sensory brushes are used in sensory defensiveness programs and recommended by Wilbarger brushing experts. Use for calming or before focused attention is required.

Sensory Brushes (6 Pack)
Sensory Brushes (6 Pack)
Best Uses: Deep Pressure Therapy – Therapeutic brushing offers a deep pressure impact, Calming Effect – Provides a calming effect through the sensory stimulation from the brush bristles, Regain Focus – Help users focus their attention and minimizes susceptibility to distractions, Sensory Diet Benefits – Successfully induces calming in those with sensory processing issues, Suitable for All Ages – Everyone from the very to the very old can enjoy the therapy offered by this brush
Product Description: Fun and Function’s Therapeutic Sensory Brushes offer a simple and effective way to enjoy the benefits of deep pressure and tactile stimulation to calm down and regain focus. Designed for individuals with sensory processing disorder and autism, these plastic brushes can be used as part of the Wilbarger Protocol after consulting with a medical professional. These brushes are small in size and fully portable. They can fit easily into a pocket or purse. Reduce sensory sensitivity in children and adults with this simple solution. Small and Portable. Suitable for Age 2+. Use at home, in school or in a clinic setting.
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