Our Readers Share Their Thanksgiving Holiday Traditions

Special Needs Gifts Readers Share Their Thanksgiving Traditions

Back in October, we asked our readers to share their Thanksgiving Holiday Traditions and if their story was selected, they received a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card.

Winners were selected and notified earlier this month. Here are their stories!

Our Readers Share Their Thanksgiving Holiday Traditions

The Colville Family

“We use to do the traditional big family dinner with lots of rushing around, cooking and cleaning. The past few years we have started a new tradition. My son and I lay in the couch in our pajamas, curled up in front of the fire, watching the Thanksgiving Parade.

Our lives are full of rushing and chaos on a normal day, so we make Thanksgiving special by getting to relax with each other. We still enjoy a deliciously cooked feast, prepared by my husband, but later in the day. Sometimes the holidays get overwhelming because you worry about what you are “suppose” to do rather than what you “want” to do.”-Mandy Colville

Our Readers Share Their Thanksgiving Holiday Traditions“At Thanksgiving, we all stand and hold hands, while one person reads the card by his/her wine glass. These cards are what they personally have written about someone else and why they are thankful to have them in their lives. We go full circle until everyone has read their cards and then we toast to family.

At the end we are hugging, crying, and laughing together.
Two weeks prior to Thanksgiving, I gather each one’s thoughts, so the cards will be ready in time. My mom always said, it is a good heartfelt day when you make the boys cry in front of the girls. It is a Thanksgiving Tradition at my house!”-Terry Riley”

Special Needs Gifts Share Your Thanksgiving Traditions

The Garcia Family

“One of my earliest memories is sitting on a stool in my great grandmother’s kitchen watching her cook while she made me repeat ingredients and steps for our family’s favorite holiday dish, sauerkraut.

The recipe has been passed down orally to the women in my family and we were admonished to not write it down. No one knows who started it, just that it’s “from the Old Country” which to us is the city of Stari Grad, now in the country of Croatia.

Every year, where other families might have appetizers and hors d’oeuvres while waiting for dinner to be served, we have sauerkraut at the table. It’s sweet and spicy and there are so many family stories involving it that we never fail to reflect on family while we eat it. Half the time, we’re all in tears from laughing by the time the turkey is ready. It’s the perfect start to our family gatherings.”-Karen Garcia

Special Needs Gifts - Thanksgiving Turkey Candle“I use to put my Son in his holder and take him in the kitchen so he could watch me make the turkey. I’d rattle the pots and pans, stir with a big spoon and make a lot of noise so he would enjoy something about the day since he wasn’t able to eat. He fed through a gastrostomy tube in his stomach.” – Carol Lorentz

On behalf of the folks at SpecialNeedsGifts.com, we wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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